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Everything You Need to Know About Provisional Psychologists


Our provisional psychologists have studied a minimum of 5 years in tertiary education before undertaking an additional internship year to develop their professional practice. During this internship, they undertake a higher level of supervision from fully registered senior psychologists. This supervision process ensures that provisional psychologists have additional support in skill development, ethical practice, and [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Provisional Psychologists2022-03-11T06:14:10+11:00

How to Help Someone with Postpartum Depression


Depression after childbirth can be overwhelming and isolating. In the midst of becoming a mother, new moms are exposed to many new challenges. In addition to the responsibilities of caring for a newborn, many new mothers experience lack of sleep and breast pain as a result of nursing.  Additionally, the hormone levels of pregnant women [...]

How to Help Someone with Postpartum Depression2022-03-11T06:13:47+11:00

The Importance of Alone Time For Mental Health


Social connections are vital for our physical and emotional wellbeing as humans are social creatures by nature. Yet, alone time is also crucial to mental health.  There are benefits to spending time with other people, but there are also disadvantages. You are concerned with what people think and for fear of rejection and to fit [...]

The Importance of Alone Time For Mental Health2021-08-15T19:57:06+10:00

How to Balance Living and Working From Home


More and more companies are embracing remote work in recent years and work-life balance is more important than ever. Remote work has many benefits, but it can also be challenging if you don't set healthy work-life boundaries.  With the rapid spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), employees struggle to maintain stability in the midst of the constantly-changing [...]

How to Balance Living and Working From Home2021-08-15T19:51:02+10:00

A Guide to Overcoming Codependency in Relationships


The term codependent is traditionally used to describe the loved ones of someone suffering from addiction. However, psychology studies show that codependence is often considered to be an addiction in and of itself. Codependence can be described as a set of maladaptive, compulsive behaviors acquired by a person in an atmosphere of great emotional stress [...]

A Guide to Overcoming Codependency in Relationships2021-04-12T14:39:43+10:00

How Do I Stop Worrying?


How many times have you heard the words ‘stop worrying’ by those well intentioned loved ones? And how many times have you wanted to answer, “tell me how, and I will.”? It’s a frustrating experience to be repetitively told that all you need to do to ease your anxiety is to stop this seemingly incessant [...]

How Do I Stop Worrying?2020-06-15T11:17:09+10:00

The Opportunity Of Our Time


We find ourselves in strange times, in which we are experiencing something that very few of us have ever experienced.  It struck me recently the unusualness of our current situation when our neighbour in their mid seventies stated that she has never seen anything like this before. It has been a very difficult time for [...]

The Opportunity Of Our Time2020-05-29T15:22:40+10:00

Anxiety, Worrying, and Overthinking


Anxiety, worrying or overthinking is like most things — on a scale. Some people will avoid ‘scary’ things like the plague, others will simply play an event in their head a thousand times, or  ruminate and stay up all night worrying about ‘what if’. Some people will be known as ‘nervous’ whilst others will be [...]

Anxiety, Worrying, and Overthinking2020-06-02T10:12:59+10:00

Food and Eating During COVID-19


Many people struggle with psychological hunger, also known as non-hungry eating, or emotional eating at the best of times. We can eat for so many reasons other than being physically hungry. Usually these reasons are based around an emotion such as boredom, stress, anxiety, or sadness. Sometimes we eat to celebrate or treat or reward [...]

Food and Eating During COVID-192020-06-02T10:21:30+10:00

Tips to Improve Your Sleep Hygiene


Did you know there’s a term for your bedtime rituals and nightly habits? Collectively, these behaviors are known as sleep hygiene. You already know sleep is important; and if you want to get a better night’s sleep, the answer often begins with improving your sleep hygiene. Improvements in sleep hygiene offer an “easy win” in [...]

Tips to Improve Your Sleep Hygiene2020-04-30T18:33:47+10:00

Anxiety In A Time Of Uncertainty


You already know the drill. In an effort to keep you alive, your brain is constantly scanning its environment looking for things to worry about that are a 'danger' to you. It is a pattern recognition machine, and oh boy does it go to town when something is worrying you. Let' face it, your brain [...]

Anxiety In A Time Of Uncertainty2020-04-16T08:11:03+10:00

Tips for Talking with Children about the Coronavirus Pandemic


It can be tricky as a parent to know how much to tell your kids about what’s going on in the world. It’s also normal to want to keep them away from bad news and let them get on with being kids. But it’s important they understand what’s happening and know how to protect themselves [...]

Tips for Talking with Children about the Coronavirus Pandemic2020-04-16T09:24:06+10:00

Alcohol and Self-Isolation


During self isolation you may find you have more time on your hands than normal. Although studies suggest people actually work more when they are at home, some of us may be unable to work as usual, and that leaves us more time to kick back and maybe watch that TV show or read that [...]

Alcohol and Self-Isolation2020-04-16T08:05:42+10:00

When You are Isolated and Alone, Follow Your True North


When the ocean is calm and you can see land, it is easy to navigate true north; you can see the way forward with your own eyes, all you have to do is stay the course. However, when the tides of emotion are high, and the sky’s are cast over with fear, isolation and confusion, [...]

When You are Isolated and Alone, Follow Your True North2020-04-16T12:07:11+10:00

Tips to Take Care of Your Mental Health During Home Isolation


Social distancing and home isolation can be really hard to deal with. It’s normal to feel anxious, frustrated or bored, and if you’re worried about the effect it will have on your mental health, you are not alone. Here are 10 ways in which you can take care of your mental health while self-isolating during [...]

Tips to Take Care of Your Mental Health During Home Isolation2020-04-16T08:55:09+10:00

In a Time of Uncertainty, The Future Seems Scary


We all are scared, and that's OK.  We face uncertain times ahead and for many of us, the fear of the unknown - an uncertain future, terrifies us the most. We want you to know these feelings are perfectly normal and valid, but they need not dominate your every waking moment. Strong thoughts about 'what [...]

In a Time of Uncertainty, The Future Seems Scary2020-04-16T08:35:18+10:00