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Importance of Trust in a Relationship


It is trust that allows us to navigate the uncertain and complex world we live in today. With the rise of the internet, mobile phones, email, chat and social media, it is so much easier for people to connect or spend more time with co-workers than with family or significant others. Trust is integral to [...]

Importance of Trust in a Relationship2019-02-21T09:44:31+11:00

Child and Adolescent Assessments – What to Look For


We wanted to show you how child and adolescent assessments and counselling work at Strategic Psychology. The below graphic summarises the process from start to finish, including any required ongoing support and therapy for your child post-assessment. You could also download the visual as a PDF file.    

Child and Adolescent Assessments – What to Look For2017-02-09T19:12:05+11:00

What is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, better known as OCD, is an anxiety disorder where sufferers feel compelled to perform certain rituals or habits (compulsions) in order to suppress anxiety caused by recurring unwanted thoughts (obsessions). OCD affects approximately 3 in 100 Australians and it can be very debilitating. Although people who suffer OCD use rituals to suppress their [...]

What is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?2017-02-09T19:12:11+11:00

Eating Disorders Tip Sheet


Suffering and recovering from an eating disorder is a very debilitating and challenging experience. There are various types of eating disorders, usually characterised by significantly restricted eating or over-eating. This can affect daily functioning and distort one’s body image perception. It is important for those who suffer disordered eating to seek professional treatment from physical [...]

Eating Disorders Tip Sheet2017-02-09T19:12:13+11:00

The Many Forms of Disordered Eating


There are various types of eating disorders. These are usually characterised by significantly restricted eating or over-eating. One of the most common forms of eating disorders is Anorexia Nervosa, which is a rejection of maintaining a healthy body weight due to a fear of gaining weight or a distorted body image, perceiving one’s own body [...]

The Many Forms of Disordered Eating2017-02-09T19:12:15+11:00

How Different Parenting Styles Affect Children


Improving parenting education is key to helping parents know that they are raising their children in a helpful way. It could be considered that how a mother and father elect to raise their children is a personal and private matter. However, practitioners and professionals are dedicated to assisting parents to develop a framework that helps [...]

How Different Parenting Styles Affect Children2017-02-09T19:12:18+11:00

What is Involved in Couples Counselling?


Drs John and Julie Gottman, world-renowned couples therapists and researchers, founded the Gottman Institute, which has pioneered a number of highly effective methods for couples to build healthier relationships. At Strategic Psychology in Canberra, our psychologists utilise evidence-based couples counselling strategies, such as those pioneered by the Gottman Institute. The following activities are taken from [...]

What is Involved in Couples Counselling?2017-02-09T19:12:20+11:00

What Defines a ‘Good’ Psychologist?


If you are seeking assistance from a psychologist, it is important to select someone whom is likely to be effective. The American Psychological Association (APA) has released a document indicating the top characteristics of an effective psychologist. Strategic Psychology is a private practice in Canberra City that employs and assists in the development of psychologists [...]

What Defines a ‘Good’ Psychologist?2017-02-09T19:12:25+11:00

Chronic Pain Tip Sheet


Chronic pain is when a person experiences pain that can range from intense, to a milder level that still significantly impedes functioning. The origin of chronic pain can usually be attributed to an injury or illness that occurred in a person’s life, and the pain they initially feel is a result of this. Sometimes the [...]

Chronic Pain Tip Sheet2017-02-09T19:12:27+11:00

Bipolar Disorder Tip Sheet


Bipolar Disorder is a mood disorder in which a person experiences episodes of clinical depression and mania. Effects differ from person to person, with some experiencing normal living periods with small periods of episodes, and some experiencing constant cycles of depression and mania. People with Bipolar Disorder may find that it affects their everyday life. [...]

Bipolar Disorder Tip Sheet2017-02-09T19:12:30+11:00

5 Tips to Beat Stress At Exam Time


For many students in secondary school and university, anxiety and stress can become a growing obstacle to their health and happiness. As school sessions come to a close, end of term tests and exams can become a huge source of fear and worry that can have a large impact on a student’s psyche. As a [...]

5 Tips to Beat Stress At Exam Time2017-02-09T19:12:32+11:00

Acceptance and Commitment – A New Approach to Chronic Pain Management


Chronic pain can be extremely debilitating. Sadly, one in five Australians experience chronic pain. It is associated with 40% of early retirements in Australia and is the third most costly health burden. Chronic pain is when a person experiences pain that can range from intense, to a milder level that still significantly impedes functioning. The [...]

Acceptance and Commitment – A New Approach to Chronic Pain Management2017-02-09T19:12:34+11:00

What is Bipolar Disorder?


Bipolar Disorder is a mood disorder characterised by periods of heightened elation, commonly known as manic episodes, followed by periods of low mood, known as depressive episodes. Manic episodes When experiencing a manic episode, a person often does things that are risky or extreme, which they would not normally do. Such behaviours can include going [...]

What is Bipolar Disorder?2017-02-09T19:12:39+11:00

Anxiety Disorders Tip Sheet


It is normal to feel anxious or worried at times. However for some people, the feeling of anxiety can be so persistent and overwhelming that people feel controlled by their anxiety, which can be quite debilitating. When someone is feeling persistently anxious in objectively safe situations, it can be described as an anxiety disorder. Such [...]

Anxiety Disorders Tip Sheet2017-02-09T19:12:42+11:00

Depression Tip Sheet


Loss of interest in pleasurable and everyday activities People who suffer from depression usually do not gain as much pleasure as they used to from everyday activities. However, it has been shown that the more a person with depression engages in pleasurable activities, the more their depressive symptoms reduce. This can be done by: [...]

Depression Tip Sheet2017-02-09T19:12:45+11:00

Managing Stress


Strategic Psychology is a private practice in central Canberra offering services from psychologists for those who believe they may benefit from training in stress management skills. Stress is a feeling of being overwhelmed, tense or worried. It is usually related to feeling under pressure in some way, whether at work, school, university, socially or domestically. A [...]

Managing Stress2017-02-09T19:12:50+11:00

Common Reasons Couples Seek Relationship Counselling


Many couples commonly face the following problems and, without some shifts in the dynamics, they are likely to have a serious impact on the quality and longevity of a relationship. If you and your partner are experiencing any of these then you may benefit from attending relationships counselling. Neglecting the friendship The quality of the [...]

Common Reasons Couples Seek Relationship Counselling2017-02-09T19:12:52+11:00

Assertiveness: The Benefits of Being Assertive


What is assertiveness? Assertiveness is a communication style that is clear and firm in intent, but also respectful. It enables people to communicate honestly but appropriately, to stand up for their own rights and feelings without trespassing on those of others. Less helpful communication styles are often used inappropriately in place of assertiveness. You may [...]

Assertiveness: The Benefits of Being Assertive2017-02-09T19:12:55+11:00

Can Technology Impact the Quality of My Relationship?


Today’s world of digital communications has made it so easy to connect with hundreds of people and call them “friends”.  In an age of social media, even perfect strangers can become closely familiar in a very short time. When technology becomes such a huge part of our lives, it can start having an unhealthy impact [...]

Can Technology Impact the Quality of My Relationship?2017-02-09T19:12:58+11:00

What is a Panic Attack?


A panic attack occurs when a person experiences an abrupt surge of intense fear or discomfort that peaks within minutes. During this time, four or more of the following symptoms will occur: Racing heart Sweating Shaking Breathing difficulties Feelings of choking Chest pain or discomfort Nausea or stomach pains Feeling light headed [...]

What is a Panic Attack?2017-02-09T19:13:05+11:00

Taking The First Step


When facing problems in life (whether it be work, relationships, or just some annoying/life complicating habit), we can often feel helpless: not knowing what to do, how to go about our problems or where to start. At this point we may consider professional support, but know doubt, the thought of spilling our guts out to [...]

Taking The First Step2017-02-09T19:13:11+11:00

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: A New Approach to Anxiety Disorder Treatment


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (or ACT) is a ‘new wave’ approach to treating a variety of psychological difficulties, including anxiety disorders. Although ACT is relatively new compared with more widely used therapies, it has been used and tested by psychologists for a number of decades and there is a great deal of empirical evidence to [...]

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: A New Approach to Anxiety Disorder Treatment2017-02-09T19:13:13+11:00

What is Cyber Bullying?


The new age of communications technology has made an entire world of information available at our fingertips.  With the onset of social media, individuals can connect with co-workers, classmates and even strangers on the other side of the globe in ways that were not possible even a decade ago. But while the ease and availability [...]

What is Cyber Bullying?2017-02-09T19:13:15+11:00

The Benefits of Anger Management Skills


Anger feelings range from annoyance to intense rage. They are usually accompanied by physiological changes, such as an increased heart rate, blood pressure and increases in the release of stress hormones. This can cause you to shake, sweat and feel out of control. When people feel angry, they often engage in behaviours such as [...]

The Benefits of Anger Management Skills2017-02-09T19:13:18+11:00

The Effects of Winter on Moods


It seems that all of us Canberrans are feeling the effects of the change in season over the past few weeks. Heading into winter, the days are only due to get shorter and colder. This can potentially have a significant affect on individual’s mental health and mood. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a well-documented phenomenon [...]

The Effects of Winter on Moods2017-02-09T19:13:20+11:00

Why Are We So Stressed? The Tech Factor


If there’s one thing that every person in the modern world experiences, it’s stress. Sometimes it comes in small waves, testing us in little ways we can easily overcome. Other times, it comes at us like a raging torrent that leaves us gasping for air. But what causes this stress? Could technology be a factor? [...]

Why Are We So Stressed? The Tech Factor2017-02-09T19:13:24+11:00

Choosing a Good Counsellor


Evidence suggests that the quality of the relationship between the counsellor and client, or ‘therapeutic alliance’, is the single greatest predictor of therapy success. Though the skill of the counsellor is an important factor for predicting change, research indicates that the relationship between client and counsellor is even more important than the treatment style and [...]

Choosing a Good Counsellor2017-02-09T19:13:27+11:00

A New Approach to Depression Treatment


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT, is a ‘new wave’ approach to working with a variety of psychological difficulties, including depression treatment. Although ACT is relatively new compared with more widely used therapies, it has been used and tested by psychologists for a number of decades and there is a great deal of empirical evidence to [...]

A New Approach to Depression Treatment2017-02-09T19:13:29+11:00

Marriage Counselling


Whilst most marriages begin with a high level of excitement, passion and commitment, this so-called ‘honeymoon phase’ rarely lasts. Committing to and sharing one’s life with another person requires certain skills. Without being aware of and using them, it is normal for enthusiasm, romance and commitment to diminish from a marriage. Some common areas where [...]

Marriage Counselling2017-02-09T19:13:31+11:00

What is Social Anxiety Disorder?


Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) symptoms usually emerge in childhood or early adolescence. A GP may notice that a person has SAD if they have had anxiety symptoms in social situations for at least six months. If you believe you may...

What is Social Anxiety Disorder?2017-02-09T19:13:34+11:00



Self-harm (or non-suicidal self-injury) comes in many forms and can be damaging to a person’s physical and mental health. There are many reasons people engage in self-harm, but it is most often used as a way of coping with difficult emotions. Self-harm is not just attention seeking, although people do use it as a way [...]


10 Best Ever Anxiety Management Techniques


These techniques fall into three typical clusters: the physical arousal that constitutes the terror of panic, the ‘wired’ feelings of tension that correlated with being ‘stressed out’, and the mental anguish of rumination – a brain that wont stop thinking distressing thoughts. Cluster One: Physical arousal Distressing physical arousal – sympathetic arousal - causes the heart thumping, [...]

10 Best Ever Anxiety Management Techniques2017-02-09T19:13:41+11:00

Panic Attack Tip Sheet


A panic attack is a feeling of an overwhelming sense of sudden fear and anxiety. Almost all conditions of anxiety can have panic attacks in their presentation.  However these attacks most commonly affect those who suffer from panic disorder. A common sign or symptom of Panic Disorder occurs when a person experiences repeated panic attacks. [...]

Panic Attack Tip Sheet2017-02-09T19:13:44+11:00

Mindfulness Practice: Formal and informal


There are a number of ways to practice mindfulness and get into the present moment. These include: Formal Mindfulness Practice Informal Mindfulness Practice Grounding Slowing down and being present Formal Mindfulness Practice Mindfulness can be practiced in a formal manner such as meditating. [...]

Mindfulness Practice: Formal and informal2017-02-09T19:13:46+11:00

Stress and Stress Response


Stress is a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or under some form of pressure.  In small doses, this pressure helps you to stay focused, energetic and alert, but when stress becomes overwhelming, it can be damaging your health and well-being. When you perceive a threat, your nervous system responds by [...]

Stress and Stress Response2017-02-09T19:13:48+11:00

Emotional Eating


The term “emotional eating” is a common expression used to describe patterns of eating that are fused with different mood states. It is most common to think of emotional eating as a response to feeling sad, tired or bored, but emotional eating can often be associated with celebration, joy or when enjoying the company of [...]

Emotional Eating2017-02-09T19:13:53+11:00

Generalised Anxiety Disorder


Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is one of the various forms of anxiety disorders. GAD is experienced when a person feels anxious, nervous or worried for most of the time over a period of at least 6 months, when they are not under a direct threat of any particular danger. Situations and events that commonly contribute to [...]

Generalised Anxiety Disorder2017-02-09T19:13:55+11:00

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy


Interest in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, also known as ACT, is rapidly growing among mental health providers in Australia.  With ACT providing a gentle and effective approach to treating mental health difficulties, many counsellors, therapists, social workers, teachers, psychologists, GP’s, occupational therapists, coaches and community nurses have chosen to learn more about what ACT has [...]

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy2017-02-09T19:13:58+11:00

Kleptomania and Hoarding Disorders


Kleptomania is a psychological disorder in which a person feels an overpowering urge to go out and steal items, which usually have no real use or value to them. A person who suffers from kleptomania generally will feel an urge or tension to steal a vast variety of items ranging from large, valuable items to [...]

Kleptomania and Hoarding Disorders2017-02-09T19:14:00+11:00

Apps for Anxiety and Stress


In addition to seeing a psychologist, you may want to consider apps that are available for managing anxiety and stress. These apps are not designed to replace the support you are receiving from other areas but rather can be used in a complementary way. The below apps for anxiety are suggestions only for you to consider, its [...]

Apps for Anxiety and Stress2017-02-09T19:14:02+11:00



Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder characterised by an individual being fearful of public or open spaces which may be difficult or embarrassing to escape or get away from.  A person with agoraphobia will often distance themselves from situations such as crowds, large social interactions, marketplaces, shopping centres, trains, planes etc.  Essentially a person with agoraphobia will try [...]


A New Mental Health Paradigm


Mental illness is a term that suggests that someone is sick, their thoughts are distorted and their views are wrong.  What if there were a paradigm shift were we viewed mental illness not as a sickness or pathological condition but rather an experience of discomfort, distress and mental pressure that is a normal part of [...]

A New Mental Health Paradigm2017-02-09T19:14:10+11:00