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Physical Isolation Does Not Mean Social Isolation


The research is very clear on this: if you want to say psychologically fit, strong and healthy, you need to socialise and bond with others. This makes sense, we are social animals, and we need social contact. But what does this look like in a time that we have been asked to physically distance ourselves [...]

Physical Isolation Does Not Mean Social Isolation2020-04-16T08:09:15+10:00

Games to Play with Children at Home


Age 4 and up: Hoot Owl Hoot! (cooperation) Jenga (fine motor skills) Jigsaw puzzles (patience and patterns) Memory (memory) Race to the Treasure (cooperation and planning) Twister (balance) Age 5 and up: Charades (non-verbal communication and acting) Don't Say It! (verbal communication) Hangman (vocabulary and spelling) Parcheesi and Sorry (counting and probability) Pick-Up Sticks (fine [...]

Games to Play with Children at Home2020-04-16T08:54:02+10:00

How to be Self-Compassionate


Research has shown that practicing self-compassion can have positive effects on both our mental and physical health. As we continue to face the significant challenges of COVID-19, building self-compassion is one of the steps we can take to protect and improve our health. What is Self-Compassion? Self-compassion means treating oneself with kindness, patience, warmth and [...]

How to be Self-Compassionate2020-04-16T08:52:59+10:00

When “Thinking Positive” is Not Enough


We have all heard the advice of “Hey, just think positive!” or seen those cheesy little posters that say “If you dream it, you can do it!”. Positive psychology is rooted in the fact that thinking optimistically can be used as a tool to improve your wellbeing. There are tons of antidotal stories that explain [...]

When “Thinking Positive” is Not Enough2017-04-13T01:44:03+10:00