Managing Different Life Goals within a Relationship


What do you do if the root of every argument with your partner leads to one issue, you both fundamentally want different things? Having different life goals can lead to disagreements and may even leave you wondering if the relationship will work at all. There are three key aspects to a relationship, each partner’s satisfaction [...]

Managing Different Life Goals within a Relationship2019-08-29T15:14:30+10:00

After the Affair: Road to Recovery


Infidelity or an affair is one of the leading causes of divorce. A recent poll found that almost 25% of all married people will have an affair. The good news is, that number has dropped significantly since the 1990s, but the thought of healing from an affair can feel overwhelmingly difficult. The best way to [...]

After the Affair: Road to Recovery2019-08-29T15:14:22+10:00

Thoughts and Behaviors that boost Academic Motivation


Perhaps it is just that time of the school year. You should be gearing up for that final project or deep in the throws of your research paper, but you just cannot find any motivation. No matter the age or level in academics there is a universal struggle… motivation. Some students struggle with motivation consistently [...]

Thoughts and Behaviors that boost Academic Motivation2019-08-29T15:14:13+10:00

What Is The Difference Between The WISC And The WIAT?


The numerous acronyms, intelligence tests and assessments can be overwhelming to a parent. Let’s break down two common intelligence tests typically administered to children and what they are actually measuring. Both of these test are often used when referring to a child’s IQ, so what are the differences and how are they helpful? The WISC [...]

What Is The Difference Between The WISC And The WIAT?2019-08-29T15:14:04+10:00

Can A Psychologist “Fix” Your Child?


When your child is facing struggles and difficulty, going to a psychologist is often recommended, but what can a child psychologist actually do? Will they fix the problem? It can be anxiety provoking to think about taking your child to a mental health professional but educating yourself on what to expect and how to approach [...]

Can A Psychologist “Fix” Your Child?2019-08-29T15:13:55+10:00

Helping Your Child Cope With Bullying


What do you do when your child comes home from school in tears because of a school bully? Watching your child struggle is one of the greatest challenges of parenting. It can be easy to feel helpless as a parent when it comes to helping your children with bullying at school. How do you the [...]

Helping Your Child Cope With Bullying2019-08-29T15:13:47+10:00

Early Signs of Autism


Autism is a condition that is growing awareness and diagnosis. “What if my child is on the Autism spectrum?” is a question on every parent of small children’s mind. There is evidence that shows that the earlier the child is diagnoses the more effective treatment can be, but how soon is too soon? What are [...]

Early Signs of Autism2019-08-29T15:13:37+10:00

Nagging- Are they really listening?


Nagging. No matter the relationship, nagging seems to be a universal frustration for anyone in a committed relationship. Although nagging may seem insignificant and common, it can lead to larger issues within a relationship. Want to stop the bickering and know that your partner is truly listening to you? Let’s explore the concept of nagging [...]

Nagging- Are they really listening?2019-08-29T15:13:17+10:00

Managing your Child’s Anxiety


As parents, we never like to see our children struggle, so things can be particularly difficult for parents of children who suffer from anxiety. Anxiety in children is similar to anxiety in adults in that there is not quick of easy fix, but also levels of anxiety is perfectly normal in children. If you as [...]

Managing your Child’s Anxiety2019-09-02T23:29:13+10:00

Understanding Nonverbal Learning Disorder


A large amount of achievement and learning is determined by scholastic achievements. How well does she read? How well does he write? How are you at reading comprehension? But what if there were a learning disability that can’t be identified through these typical scholastic meas-urements? That is the problem with understanding and diagnosing Nonverbal Learning [...]

Understanding Nonverbal Learning Disorder2019-09-02T23:26:41+10:00

In Session: How to make to most of your psychologist sessions


Have you been seeing a psychologist for weeks and aren’t seeing any progress? Are you feeling discouraged? Scheduling and showing up for your first session with a psychologist is a courageous first step in reaching out for help. Once the excitement of attending your first session, and filling out the paperwork start to fade, you [...]

In Session: How to make to most of your psychologist sessions2019-09-02T23:24:57+10:00

Dealing With Menopause


Hot flashes? Mood swings? Could it be? It is possible you are experiencing menopause? Menopause is one of those topics that isn’t often discussed, yet it is a significant event in every woman’s life. How is it that we avoid talking about something so universal to our feminine identity? Perhaps it is due to our [...]

Dealing With Menopause2019-08-29T15:17:47+10:00

Are You Addicted To Your Phone?


Have you ever caught yourself checking your phone and not realising why? Perhaps you left it at home and feel completely “off” all day? Technology has dramatically shaped our culture in just a few short years. Our phones now provide us with ultimate convenience and provide us the ability to stay connected with friends and [...]

Are You Addicted To Your Phone?2019-09-02T23:23:35+10:00

Tips for a Successful Long Distance Relationship


Relationships alone can be difficult to navigate. The thought of maintaining a healthy, and supportive relationship long distance can be flat out overwhelming! Long distance relationships get a bad wrap in today’s society. You may be faced with loved ones questioning your decision to stay together after a relocation, or unsolicited anecdotes of your friend’s [...]

Tips for a Successful Long Distance Relationship2019-09-02T23:18:38+10:00

Broken Trust and How to Rebuild


We all know and understand that trust is an important part of maintaining a happy and strong relationship, but what happens when trust in a relationship is broken. Is it possible to repair? What does this process look like? Navigating relationships after a breach of trust can be overwhelming so here are some tips to [...]

Broken Trust and How to Rebuild2019-09-02T23:17:27+10:00

IQ Scores: What are they? What do they mean?


The term “IQ” is used quite frequently when discussing intelligence of a person, but what is really behind the intelligence buzz word? What does it mean for an individual who has their IQ score? Let’s explore what’s really behind someone’s IQ and what that little number actually means. What does IQ even mean? IQ is [...]

IQ Scores: What are they? What do they mean?2019-09-02T23:16:32+10:00

Post Natal Depression


There are many misconceptions about Post Natal Depression and until recently, it was widely undiscussed in society. Women felt the need to hide their feelings. The truth is Post Natal Depression is more than just the “Baby Blues” and it is important to understand what it is and why the discussion matters. Post Natal Depression [...]

Post Natal Depression2018-01-08T00:23:39+11:00

Dealing With Your Child’s Increasing Independence


It seems to happen overnight. That sweet little baby of yours has become an opinionated and busy toddler. Getting into everything and chatting away. It has officially begun, your child is learning how to be independent. As a parent it can be challenging to foster a healthy learning environment all while maintaining your sanity. Here [...]

Dealing With Your Child’s Increasing Independence2017-12-17T23:43:33+11:00

Pitfalls in the Classroom- Behaviours and Thoughts that reduce Academic Motivation


Whether you are a parent or a teacher, we all want our students to reach their full potential in the classroom. We try our best to encourage and motivate, but let’s be honest, sometimes it works and sometimes we fall short. In order to provide our kids the support that they need, it can be [...]

Pitfalls in the Classroom- Behaviours and Thoughts that reduce Academic Motivation2017-11-20T00:13:51+11:00

Turning Towards: Facing Problems Together


Sometimes when we face obstacles in life, we tend to push away the one person who is your biggest ally in life, your significant other. Whether you are married or dating, learning how to rely on your partner through tough times can take some practice, but in turn will create a strength in your relationship [...]

Turning Towards: Facing Problems Together2017-11-19T22:02:10+11:00

Fighting, Bickering, or Discussing- How to Argue Well


If you are in a relationship, odds are high you have had a disagreement, and most likely an argument. We live in a society filled with romantic movies and stereotypes that lead us to believe that happy couples don’t argue. This is a dangerous belief system when the reality is that two different people, in [...]

Fighting, Bickering, or Discussing- How to Argue Well2017-11-19T22:05:33+11:00

When the Passion Fades: Tips for Long Term Relationships


A new relationship is exciting. Those first few months together are filled with new experiences, adventures and passion. It is the kind of relationships that you see in romantic comedies, light hearted, fun, and well… basically perfect. This stage of the relationship is often referred to as the “honeymoon phase”. If you have ever had [...]

When the Passion Fades: Tips for Long Term Relationships2017-11-13T00:47:21+11:00

How is ADHD Assessed?


With the growing awareness and ongoing conversation about ADHD, Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder, you may find yourself wondering if a diagnosis is appropriate for yourself or a loved one. Perhaps you are curious as to what assessment for ADHD may entail? Let’s break it down, explore what factors are examined, and learn about the process [...]

How is ADHD Assessed?2017-10-30T13:12:17+11:00

Dual-custody: How to create stability


Divorce is never easy on a family. It can be particularly difficult when it comes to deciding what is best for our children. There is an ongoing debate as to whether or not dual-custody is better or worse for children due to the constant moving back and forth between homes. A recent study in Sweden [...]

Dual-custody: How to create stability2017-10-30T12:26:06+11:00

Transitioning to Single Life


Whether it be navigating a tough divorce or letting go of the person you thought would be your life partner, break ups are incredibly difficult part of life. Dealing with powerful and overwhelming emotions is tough. Not to mention, trying to figure out how to function in your daily life as a single person! If [...]

Transitioning to Single Life2017-10-23T17:12:17+11:00

What is Autism?


Research shows that Autism impacts 1 in 100 Australians, so odds are high that we have all had an intimate encounter with someone on the autism spectrum. With ever evolving research, changes, and studies, it can be hard to keep up with what is going on in the autism community. If you find yourself unsure [...]

What is Autism?2017-10-16T00:25:56+11:00

Perfectionism: Healthy or unhealthy?


Job interviews are notorious for asking the question, “So what is your biggest flaw?” We have all been there, and we most likely have had the same answer, “I am a perfectionist.” Perfectionism is the perfect character flaw, that somehow isn’t really a character flaw. Or is it? We choose perfectionism to flaunt to future [...]

Perfectionism: Healthy or unhealthy?2017-10-11T20:25:10+11:00

Sleep hygiene for kids: How to get more Zzzz’s


Sometimes we forget about how important sleep can be to our health. As adults, we can experience the effects of sleep deprivation first hand, but what about our kids? With the busy schedules and increased amount of technology in our daily lives, our kids are getting less sleep. In fact, an international study found that [...]

Sleep hygiene for kids: How to get more Zzzz’s2021-09-14T01:32:34+10:00

Culture Shock: How to adjust to a new culture while maintaining your cultural values


Moving to a new culture can be quite the adventure. Whether you relocate for school, work, family, or just for a new experience, getting used to your new home can take time. People may ask if you are experiencing “culture shock”, but “culture shock” is a real thing that all types of expatriates experience. You [...]

Culture Shock: How to adjust to a new culture while maintaining your cultural values2017-09-06T23:31:09+10:00

How to make a difference on R U OK? Day


The purpose of R U OK? Day is to reach out and build community with your neighbours, friends, family, and coworkers and ultimately help take down the suicide epidemic. Researchers have found that a lack of connection with others or an overall lack of belonging can be a huge factor in suicide. So the goal [...]

How to make a difference on R U OK? Day2017-09-06T23:21:22+10:00

Communication Styles to Improve Relationships


Do you have people in your life you always feel in conflict with, like you are always on a different page? Maybe simple conversations end in arguments. Perhaps you just always feel defensive or on edge when you speak. Are you always stressed in interactions because of this difference? Well, the good news is there [...]

Communication Styles to Improve Relationships2017-09-05T00:25:21+10:00

Consistency and Consequences: Parenting Strategies for setting Boundaries


Oh the joys of parenthood! Oftentimes discipline is a parent’s least favorite part of raising children. No one enjoys having to provide consequences to poor behavior, but it is arguably one of the most important aspects of raising happy, healthy, and thriving children. A better way to think of discipline is by simply referring to [...]

Consistency and Consequences: Parenting Strategies for setting Boundaries2017-08-23T17:42:23+10:00

Letting go of Control in Relationships


Relationships can be tough. There can be a lot of stress and conflict. Do you ever feel like you are loosing control in a relationship? Do you feel like there are times when you are always in control? Well to be honest, most problems occur when one partner tends to control one aspect of a [...]

Letting go of Control in Relationships2017-08-19T22:51:53+10:00

Diagnosed- The benefits in receiving a DSM-5 diagnosis.


Have you ever wondered if you or a loved one have a mental health diagnosis? You are not alone. Scientists estimate that 1 in every 4 people are directly or indirectly affected by a mental health issue. Why is this just an estimate? Because not everyone with a mental health concern goes through the process [...]

Diagnosed- The benefits in receiving a DSM-5 diagnosis.2017-08-01T14:03:40+10:00

Why Resilience?


Have you ever wondered why some people can handle difficulties in their lives better than others? Have you noticed, some people seem to have the ability to just “brush it off”? It is because of a little thing called resilience. Resilience isn’t really a little thing at all. It is a big thing, and it [...]

Why Resilience?2017-07-27T15:26:17+10:00

Procrastination: Your Perfectionism may be the Problem


So… you have been called a perfectionist. Sure, your friends may joke about your overachieving and highly organised lifestyle, but hey, your perfectionism may have served you well over the years! There is nothing wrong with wanting to do things to the best of your ability and staying organised. You were probably really good at [...]

Procrastination: Your Perfectionism may be the Problem2017-07-27T15:05:04+10:00

What is the WPPSI?


Assessments like to confuse us with complicated acronyms. What do all of these letters mean anyway? As a parent who is looking at an assessment for their young child, it is important to understand what assessment your child will be taking, what the complicated acronyms actually mean, and most importantly, what the results mean for [...]

What is the WPPSI?2017-07-06T23:11:59+10:00

Supporting Children During Stress


As parents it is instinctual to want to protect our babies from the stress and problems of the world… even if they aren’t exactly babies anymore. Children are going to experience stress, anger, fear, disappointment, and anxiousness, just like we do as adults. As parents it can be hard to know how to respond to [...]

Supporting Children During Stress2017-07-06T22:50:01+10:00

Arguments: Is being “right” really worth it?


Arguments in relationships. We all have them, but what is the best way to actually win in an argument? Well it turns out, the desire to be “right” in a disagreement may actually not be as gratifying as it would seem. What if your desire of being “right” is actually harming your relationship? You may [...]

Arguments: Is being “right” really worth it?2017-06-28T18:00:23+10:00

Sleep Troubles


Can’t sleep? You are not alone! Over 40 million people have some sort of sleep disorder, so next time you are lying awake at night, odds are high that someone in your building or someone up the street is staring at their ceiling too. Sleep problems can range in severity. Sleeplessness may be an ongoing [...]

Sleep Troubles2017-06-28T17:39:20+10:00

Decision Making Guide for Busy People’s Schedules


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your growing to do list and your quickly filled calendar? We have all been there! Trying to juggle a career and a home life can be complicated. Once you throw in raising children, home maintenance, your partner, social life, and family members, life can be overwhelmingly busy. Spending time [...]

Decision Making Guide for Busy People’s Schedules2017-06-19T17:36:34+10:00

Suicide: Tools for Talk and Tools for Help


Suicide is one of those topics that is increasingly filling the narratives of our movies, TV shows, and books. Yet, having a conversation about the topic is somehow taboo. The suicide rate in Australia is on the rise. In fact, it is number 13 on the list of causes of death, right alongside heart disease [...]

Suicide: Tools for Talk and Tools for Help2017-06-14T00:04:14+10:00

What is the WISC-IV?


Often when a child is being assessed for academic difficulties or giftedness, the WISC-IV will be administered amongst a collection of psychological tests with similarly ambiguous acronyms. The aim of this article is to provide some clarity about the content and purpose of this commonly used assessment. The goal is to demystify part of the [...]

What is the WISC-IV?2017-05-27T00:27:18+10:00

What is the WIAT-II?


Often when a child is being assessed for academic difficulties or giftedness, the WIAT-II will be administered amidst a battery of psychological tests with similarly ambiguous acronyms. The aim of this article is to provide some clarity about the content and purpose of this commonly used assessment. The goal is to demystify part of the [...]

What is the WIAT-II?2017-05-27T00:00:14+10:00

What is the WAIS-IV?


Often when a person is being assessed for academic or occupational difficulties, the WAIS-IV will be administered amidst a battery of psychological tests with similarly ambiguous acronyms. The aim of this article is to provide some clarity about the content and purpose of this commonly used assessment. The goal is to demystify part of the [...]

What is the WAIS-IV?2017-05-15T17:41:55+10:00

Mental Health Canberra


Public Service is a Sacrifice: Mental Health Problems in the Workplace When joining the workforce in Canberra, there is usually one major decision, public service or private sector? While there are pros and cons to both, it seems that mental health concerns may be a large con to taking a public service job. There are [...]

Mental Health Canberra2017-05-04T01:10:40+10:00

Impact of Vicarious Exposure to Traumatic Events on Mental Health


Girl watching the television with TV remote in her hand Limit your Exposure: Traumatic Events in the News is Bad for your Mental Health Have you ever stopped and thought about how often you expose yourself to traumatic images and stories? Most of us don’t even think about the exposure because it is so entrenched [...]

Impact of Vicarious Exposure to Traumatic Events on Mental Health2017-05-04T01:14:18+10:00

Common Traits of Adult AD/HD


Do I have Adult ADHD? It is no secret that Attention Deficit- Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has become a common discussion point amongst school aged children. The rate of diagnosis has been steadily increasing 3% a year since 2003 (adhd.org.au) and there seems to nothing slowing this number down. So what is the deal with this [...]

Common Traits of Adult AD/HD2017-04-28T01:00:35+10:00

Positive Psychology 101


Positive Psychology is a branch of psychology is often summarized by the phrase “Oh, you think happy thoughts!”… While that description isn’t necessarily wrong, it oversimplifies a powerful form of psychology that can be a powerful tool in improving your overall happiness. Let’ s unpack what positive psychology has to offer and how we can [...]

Positive Psychology 1012017-04-28T00:20:10+10:00

What exactly is Borderline Personality Disorder?


There are so many misconceptions about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). It is often used in everyday conversation in reference to individuals who appear to have split personalities or intense mood swings. Sadly, it is typically used as a joke or in passing, but this casual jargon can be incredibly confusing for anyone questioning whether or [...]

What exactly is Borderline Personality Disorder?2017-04-25T09:42:28+10:00