Important information when booking appointments

New Clients

We are accepting new clients and in most instances are able to offer an initial 80min appointment within 2 weeks. We are able to achieve increased accessibility to our clients by reducing non-attendance through our pre-payment booking system. By making all appointments paid at the time of booking, most clients no longer book many months in advance which opens up availability for those in need, improves continuity of care, and contributes to positive therapeutic outcomes.

If you already know which psychologist you would like to see and are ready to make your first appointment, please use the link below to book now. Note each psychologist has a specific client age range that they work with and while some clinicians work with adolescents and/or children, others may only work with adults. Please ensure you select a clinician that matches your age needs as outlined in the individual psychologist’s profile.  Also, note that only select psychologists provide couples therapy.

Note: Medicare rebates apply for clients referred by their GP under a Mental Health Treatment Plan

Book an appointment

Current Clients

To make subsequent appointments please call us on 02 6262 6157 or use the online booking link sent to you at the time of booking your initial appointment.

How many appointments do I need?

Strategic Psychology prides itself on being a therapy-based practice rather than an emergency service. Research has suggested that there is a strong relationship between the number and frequency of appointments attended and positive therapeutic gains over time. For example, for many clinical presentations, weekly appointments produce better psychological outcomes on average than attending less frequent appointments such as fortnightly or monthly. This finding also applies to the number of appointments attended. For example, attending 12 therapy sessions has been shown to lead to better mental health outcomes on average when compared to attending 6 therapy sessions. Although this might be true on average, we suggest speaking with your psychologist following your initial appointment to discuss what might be best for you.

Seeking an appointment but not sure who to book in with?

If you are seeking to make your first appointment but are not sure which psychologist to see, please contact us via one of the methods below and we will be happy to assist you in making a decision: