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Relationship Counselling

Experienced psychologists providing relationship counselling that promotes strong relationships, effective communication and mutual respect.

Strong relationships are a significant part of living a healthy, meaningful life.

Whilst most intimate relationships start out with a great degree of excitement, passion and commitment to each other, over time these important parts of a relationship can diminish. Misunderstandings, unmet expectations and disappointments can create emotional distance and conflict between individuals. Honest communication is essential for couples to work through difficulties and maintain an enriching and deeply satisfying relationship. This is where our relationship counselling service can assist with preventing further damage and distance between couples.

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All relationships will require ongoing work and maintenance over time to keep them positive and meaningful. Experiencing challenging times is a normal part of every relationship. Sometimes you may be able to manage these challenges with your partner through open communication and cooperation. On other occasions you may find yourselves feeling stuck and unsure how to achieve the changes you need, having the same arguments time and time again with no resolutions, feeling increasingly alone, and even considering ending the relationship.

At Strategic Psychology we can help you to address many of the different challenges that may arise in the course of an intimate relationship. In the initial stage of relationship counselling, the first appointment is generally held together as a couple. Following appointments may continue as a couple however it’s not uncommon for your psychologist to consider the appropriateness of seeing you individually from time to time. We aim to be client centred and consider your needs every step of the way.

If your partner is not ready or willing to seek relationship counselling, you are able to access individual assistance which can help you to develop tools and strategies to stimulate changes, improve your communication and manage conflicts in a more productive way. If your partner later decides they would like to be involved in couples counselling, this will need to be discussed with your psychologist.

Common areas which couples experience difficulties in include:

Lack of, or ineffective communication

Commitment difficulties

Lack or loss of trust

Lack or loss of intimacy


Adjustments and transitions: relocations, having children, changing work roles


Differing opinions or beliefs

Thinking about, or adapting to, living together

Pre-marital counselling

Conflict – verbal, physical and/or emotional

Relationship breakdowns

Match with a Psychologist

Steps you can take

If you and/or your partner feel that you are experiencing any of the above difficulties or are facing any other challenges in your relationship you can contact us at Strategic Psychology to arrange to see one of our psychologists. We can help you to reconnect with your partner and learn strategies to help strengthen your relationship. We also have a resources page that contains helpful relationship articles and tips.

No referral is needed to see one of our psychologists.