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Understand our fees

Schedule of Fees

PsychologistInitial 80 min ConsultationMedicare Rebate*Standard 50 min ConsultationMedicare Rebate*
Provisional Psychologist$226.50N/A$151N/A
Registered Psychologist$372.00$93.35 (approx)$248$93.35 (approx)
Senior Registered Psychologist$391.50$93.35 (approx)$261$93.35 (approx)
Clinical Psychologist$457.50$137.05 (approx)$305$137.05 (approx)
Principal Clinical Psychologist$525.00$137.05 (approx)$350$137.05 (approx)

*You will be eligible for a Medicare rebate if you have a referral from your GP and a Mental Health Care Plan.

Consultation fees depend on which psychologist you wish to see and the length of your consult. Please contact our office on 6262 6157 for more information. Strategic Psychology is not a bulk billing practice, however with a Mental Health Treatment Plan referral from your GP, you will be eligible to receive Medicare rebated appointments for up to 10 sessions per calendar year.

Under the Better Access Initiative, individuals are able to access specific psychological services and receive a Medicare rebate. This rebate is designed to allow more people within the community to access psychological assistance when in need.

If you have been referred by your GP under a Mental Health Treatment Plan, you will be able to claim a Medicare rebate of approximately $93.35 for a registered psychologist and approximately $137.05 for a clinical psychologist per consultation for up to 10 sessions per calendar year.

Match with a Psychologist

Start your journey with Strategic Psychology

Contact us at Strategic Psychology via phone, email or drop in to our office if you would like to make an appointment to see one of our psychologists. No referral is needed to access our services, however, you may be eligible for rebates under Medicare, in which case you will need to obtain a Mental Health Treatment Plan from your GP.