Anxiety In A Time Of Uncertainty

You already know the drill. In an effort to keep you alive, your brain is constantly scanning its environment looking for things to worry about that are a ‘danger’ to you. It is a pattern recognition machine, and oh boy does it go to town when something is worrying you. Let’ face it, your brain does not care if you are happy; only that you ‘survive’. If that means worrying all day about the last Facebook rant you sent to a work colleague, then that’s what it will do!

If we told you that you could manage this anxiety by becoming a pro at paying less attention to these scary thoughts, you may ask a very reasonable question: “Why would I want to pay less attention to them during a time like this? The economy is in trouble, people are getting sick, and businesses are suffering, there is nothing unrealistic about my thoughts!”

Well maybe, but let’s just say that is true, does paying really close attention, and holding onto the thoughts tightly, at the expense of enjoying these moments with loved ones, make things better? Does it improve your situation? Your families? The country? If you are really honest with yourself, the answer is likely something like: “probably not….but?”

Let me ask you another question: what would you rather be doing, focusing on these distressing thoughts, or playing with your children, writing that great blog, or enjoying your favourite TV show?

There are a lot of skills you can use to help manage these really difficult thoughts and feelings, and Strategic Psychology is always happy to help you with these. You need not deal with these alone, and frankly, nor should you. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

By Dr Elio Martino, Registered Psychologist

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