Going from Good to Great in Your Relationship

Having a good relationship can help you feel anchored, secure and focused. But having a great relationship can be truly inspirational. For those wanting to achieve a greater depth of connection, vision and expression, couples counselling can offer the support you need to get there.

Identifying the strengths in your relationship and finding ways to enhance those strengths is a great place to start. What are the things about you that make you such a dynamic duo? How can you bring more of this into your life? Extending beyond the day to day elements of existence and creating a vision for your future is an exciting, life-affirming process.

Sharing Dreams

If you have not done so in a while, take the time to share your dreams. These may have changed since you last spoke about them. A safe, stable relationship is a unique platform for taking exciting life steps with greater confidence. Brainstorming ideas is a lot of fun and can bring fresh energy and unity to the relationship.

Active Communication

Active communication involves the use of both verbal and non-verbal forms of expression, working together to relay clear and accurate messages.

The term “verbal communication” refers to the use of spoken language. “Non-verbal communication” refers to the use of physical cues, such as facial expressions, stance, and gestures. Improving the quality of your communication and being actively present in conversations can spark new pathways for discussion. That is, rather than talking over your shoulder while chopping vegetables, try putting down the knife and giving your partner your full attention. Making eye contact and standing with an open posture can encourage more interesting and productive conversation. Take a pro-active step, and seek out conversation that would not normally occur.

A relationship counselling session is a great place to learn and practice active communication techniques.

Planning Around Challenges

Life events such as home renovations, moving house and changing jobs are notorious for impacting relationships. Heading into these situations without establishing clear and honest communication can lead to major rifts. Rather than waiting to see what happens, anticipating troubled times and airing your feelings beforehand can help you to avoid relationship stress caused by poor communication.

When there are challenges coming up, you can get ahead of them with a little planning. If you would like some help with planning, making an appointment with a counsellor is a great idea.

Exciting Forward Planning

There’s nothing like having something fun to look forward to that brings energy into a relationship. Planning a trip or an event can bring out the best in you and highlight your teamwork and problem-solving abilities. It also gives you something fun to talk about. Stepping out of the ordinary and into the unknown is a great opportunity for growth, both as individuals and as a couple.

Getting Assistance

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