Child and Adolescent Psychology

Offering evidence-based counselling for children and adolescents

Psychologist services specific for children and adolescents.

We understand that as children grow and change, their needs will be very different. Our trained psychologists are sensitive to development across the lifespan, and your individual child or adolescent’s journey through growth. We offer services aimed at an appropriate level for your child, wherever that may be.

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What to look out for

Many different challenges are faced during childhood and adolescence. Each child will experience these challenges uniquely. For some young people, when faced with difficulties, they may withdraw from social activities, become quieter and show signs of depression. For others, they may become loud and display challenging behaviours, acting aggressively or argumentatively in response to difficulties. If you notice any changes in your child or adolescent, the way in which they interact with you, their peers or other adults, their performance at school, or anything of concern, counselling with a trained psychologist may help. Some of the warning signs to watch out for when your child or adolescent may not be coping with challenges include:

acting aggressively

picking fights

withdrawing from activities they previously found enjoyable

a change in their academic performance at school

reports from teachers about concerning behaviours

rebellious behaviour

significant changes in mood

feeling sad or down

worrying or anxiety

When a Psychologist can help

A psychologist can help children and adolescents to deal with many different challenges. Common difficulties faced include:

family breakdown, through divorce or separation

grief and loss

peer difficulties


difficulties with social interactions

transitions – including from primary to high school, or to different schools and cities

exam and school pressures or stress


eating disorders

What to expect

When you attend our practice for your first appointment, it is normal to feel uncomfortable or nervous about speaking to us initially. Talking to new people and going to new places can always be challenging and talking about issues which are bothering you can be difficult at times.

Our psychologists focus on treating you with respect, dignity and understanding to ensure you are comfortable with discussing your challenges and difficulties. Your psychologist will help you to understand your problems, how they have arisen, and how to manage them more effectively.

When counselling young people it is important to include parents and caregivers (where age appropriate) in the process to ensure the child or adolescent is supported as much as they can be. However, it is also important for the child or adolescent to have their own space in which to discuss their challenges away from the family. Your psychologist will work with your family, finding a balance that best suits your needs to ensure your child or adolescent is able to have a space that is just for themselves to discuss their issues, whilst still keeping parents and caregivers involved to provide additional support.

Match with a Psychologist

Start your journey with Strategic Psychology

Contact us at Strategic Psychology via phone, email or drop in to our office if you would like to make an appointment to see one of our psychologists. No referral is needed to access our services, however, you may be eligible for rebates under Medicare, in which case you will need to obtain a Mental Health Treatment Plan from your GP.