Apps for Anxiety and Stress

In addition to seeing a psychologist, you may want to consider apps that are available for managing anxiety and stress. These apps are not designed to replace the support you are receiving from other areas but rather can be used in a complementary way. The below apps for anxiety are suggestions only for you to consider, its important to find one that suits you personally. ACT Companion App

ACT Companion

Making learning ACT skills simpler and more meaningful…GO TO APP Breathe2Relax App


Provides information on the effects of stress on the body…GO TO APP Buddhify App


Mindfulness-based meditation on the go…GO TO APPBuddhist Meditation App

Buddhist M’tation

Relaxing and enlightening meditations…GO TO APP eCBT Trauma App

eCBT Trauma

Helps people who have experienced a traumatic event…GO TO APP Headspace App


Meditation made simple, a way of treating your mind…GO TO APP iSleep Easy App

iSleep Easy

Meditations for a getting a restful sleep…GO TO APPMind the Bump App

Mind the Bump

Preparation for having a baby and becoming a parent…GO TO APP PTSD Coach App

PTSD Coach

For military service members who may have PTSD…GO TO APP PTSD Eraser App

PTSD Eraser

Bring relief from emotions associated with PTSD…GO TO APP Relax Melodies Yoga App

Relax Melodies

Personalised relaxation and sleep assistance…GO TO APPSmiling women face

Simply Being

Meditate easily with this elegantly simple app…GO TO APP Smiling Mind App

Smiling Mind

Sessions to guide you through your daily meditation…GO TO APP Stop Panic Anxiety Self Help App

Stop Panic

Learn to control panic and get relief from anxiety…GO TO APP T2 mood tracker app

T2 Mood Tracker

Monitor your moods on six pre-loaded scales…GO TO APPRelaxed Smiling Women Face

Take a break

Work break relaxation and stress relief meditation…GO TO APP The Mindfulness App

Mindfulness App

Helps you to reduce stress and increase wellbeing…GO TO APPVirtual Hope Box App

Virtual Hope Box

Tools to help with coping, distraction and relaxation…GO TO APP

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