Everything You Need to Know About Provisional Psychologists

Our provisional psychologists have studied a minimum of 4-5 years in tertiary education before undertaking an additional internship year to develop their professional practice. During this internship, they undertake a higher level of supervision from fully registered senior psychologists.  This supervision process ensures that provisional psychologists have additional support in skill development, ethical practice, and reflection to ensure that their clients receive effective and appropriate treatment. 

Provisional psychologists have met the registration standards outlined by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and are continually committed to meeting these standards in future practice. They are also required to complete extensive professional development in their internship year to learn new ways to support their clients. Once they complete their provisional requirements, they can gain general registration as a psychologist.

All provisional psychologists are qualified and skilled in providing the services to aid their clients in achieving their therapy goals. Like generally registered psychologists, provisionally registered psychologists can help support clients in a broad range of presenting concerns and regularly report to their governing body, AHPRA. 

However, provisionally registered psychologists do differ slightly from a generally registered psychologist. Provisionally registered psychologists cannot offer a Medicare rebate.  However, the prices of a session with a provisional psychologist are lower to reflect this. 

Our provisional psychologists have current availability and are eager to help close the gap between clients and the significant wait times that people seeking psychological support experience. 

If you would like more information about the difference between provisional psychologists and fully registered psychologists, or to book an appointment, contact 02 6262 6157.  You can also check the team profiles to book online. 

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