The Importance of a Comprehensive Assessment

Perhaps you are thinking about going to a psychologist or perhaps you have gone to a psychologist and are having second thoughts about whether or not you want to continue.  When presented with what is involved with treatment and a comprehensive psychological assessment, it can be a little overwhelming!  Sometimes so much so, that it is tempting to minimise your problems or your child’s problems and decide that ‘it is not worth it’. Here are some simple reasons as to why it is worth it to obtain a comprehensive assessment.

Simple psychometric tests may seem easier or faster, but they leave out some important things to consider in an assessment.  There are always outside factors that can impact the overall diagnosis. Things like clinical observations (observations taken when getting to know you), as well as other stressors, or changes that are going on in your life may make a huge difference in the course of treatment. These are things that are impossible for a test alone to understand. There is a human element in treating each individual that cannot be simply accommodated through just a test. Comprehensive assessments also minimise the risk of misdiagnosis which is a possibility with limited testing.

It is important to look at outside contributing factors which may mean sharing with a psychologist more about your life. This may be a slower process than a simple test, but this is the part of treatment that will allow your psychologist to provide you with helpful recommendations that you can incorporate into your real life. Together you can talk about recommendations that are tailored specifically to your lifestyle, which means you are more likely to actually try these recommendations out. If they aren’t working, you can go back to the drawing board and try something else. If you settle for a less comprehensive process, you may be left with generic treatment suggestions and nowhere to turn if they don’t work in your unique life.

You or your loved one are worth the time and expense. We often put mental health low on the list of priorities, but the reality is that if you are struggling, everything else in your life will not function properly. Don’t halfway commit to support. As we mentioned before, these tests and appointments can be a big commitment, both financially and mentally.  Do it right the first time. If the foundation of your home were damaged, you wouldn’t think twice about the commitment to address the damage. This is because you know that if the foundation is damaged, it will lead to problems in the walls, roof and windows. Your mental health is the foundation. Don’t ignore or try to half solve a problem. It will lead to more issues that will end up costing more time and money than if you addressed the foundation problem to begin with.

Take the first step in bettering your life with a comprehensive assessment with a psychologist today. It can be overwhelming but they will walk and support you through each stage of the process. Contact us on (02) 6262 6157 or book an appointment online.

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