We all are scared, and that’s OK. 

We face uncertain times ahead and for many of us, the fear of the unknown – an uncertain future, terrifies us the most. We want you to know these feelings are perfectly normal and valid, but they need not dominate your every waking moment.

Strong thoughts about ‘what if’ with accompanying feelings of dread may feel all consuming when so much is out of your hands. But there are things you can do to help with these scary thoughts and feelings, which put you back into the driver’s seat.

So what can you do to flip the narrative from hostage of your own thoughts and feelings, to master of your own mind?

  1. Focus on what you can control. Whether it be virtual hangouts with mates, exercise goals you always wanted to hit or books you have always wanted to read. Have you ever wanted to write a book or blog? Now seems as good a time as any!
  2. Focus on precious moments with family and friends, and keep in constant contact, even if it’s virtual.
  3. Practice taking your thoughts less seriously, they often sound more like FOX News than reality anyway! You have more control over what you spend time focusing on than you may think.

We are always here to help you in these difficult times, please reach out if you need support. Stay safe, look after your mental health and remember, physical distancing need not mean social distancing.

By Dr Elio Martino, Registered Psychologist