Tourette’s Disorder Checklist

This checklist is designed as a measure of symptomatology.

It must be interpreted in the context of individual client circumstances and as such should be used only in combination with comprehensive medical and clinical assessments. It is NOT a stand-alone diagnostic tool.

A tic is a sudden, rapid, recurring, non-rhythmic body movement or sound. Tourette’s disorder involves the following pattern of tic symptoms:

If a person has experienced all the symptoms prior to age 18, they may meet the criteria for a diagnosis of Tourette’s Disorder. If they experience tics but do not experience all the above symptoms, they may still meet the criteria for another form of tic disorder and may benefit from further clinical assessment.

Multiple motor and multiple vocal tics have been present at some time, though not necessarily both at the same time.

Their frequency may vary, but have persisted for at least 1 year.

The disturbance is not better explained by the physiological effects of a substance or other medical condition.


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