Matthew Thomas

Senior Registered Psychologist

B. Sci (Hons) Psych, B. Med Sci, MAPS

Matt has both a Medical Science and Psychology Degree. He started working as a psychologist in 1999. From that time he has worked in a variety of settings, working with adults, parents,  carers, foster carers, children, teens, and families. Matt has worked in the disability sector. Matt has worked for Not for Profits as both a psychologist and clinical leader. As well as providing psychological services to clients he has provided 500+ hours of clinical supervision to psychologists, counsellors and others in helping professions.  

Matt has run Dialectical Behaviour Therapy groups for adults and teens. He has trained school counsellors in understanding self-harming behaviours and in relation to Borderline Personality disorder. 

While working in the disability sector Matt regularly worked with parents and carers who were strained by their roles and helped them find a healthy balance between the role of caring, working and looking after themselves. 

Two books have greatly influenced Matt’s approach to his work. One is Martin Seligman’s Positive Psychology and the other is Playful Approaches to Serious Problems by Epston, Freeman, and  Lobovitis. Matt is a big believer in amplifying what is going right in life and enjoying what can be enjoyed. As a Medical Scientist, he studied in the area of the Immune System and believes that preventions like vaccines are more beneficial than the cure. He takes this same approach to psychology and considers not only how to move through the current problem but also build resilience and a life of contentment into the future. 

Matt particularly enjoys helping clients with trauma histories work through their trauma and build a life free from its effects. Matt has a particular interest in working with those who are in helping professions recover from Vicarious Trauma, Betrayal Trauma and Moral injuries. Matt is also interested in working with couples to assist them in improving their communication and working thought relationship difficulties. 

Matthew is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society. He was educated at Sydney, Macquarie, and Wollongong Universities. He also completed 3 years of a 4 year part-time Masters in Forensic Psychology at Charles Sturt University. 

Matthew works with couples & clients aged 3+

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